What Trudeau gives, Trudeau takes away

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks the middle class needs a tax break in Canada’s tough economy, why will he
be taking it back with his carbon pricing scheme?
Trudeau’s middle-class tax break, which he says is aimed at those earning between $44,700 and $89,401 annually,
is already taking on water.
Contrary to his election promise, experts say his plan to increase taxes on individuals earning over $200,000 annually
won’t pay for the entire cost of his promised tax break for those earning $44,700 to $89,401 a year.
That means bigger deficits — which are simply deferred taxes — will be necessary to make up the difference, beyond
the $25.1 billion Trudeau said during the campaign he would add to Canada’s debt over the next three years.
In addition, the biggest beneficiaries of Trudeau’s “middle class” tax break aren’t the middle class, but upper-income
earners making more than $89,401 but less than $200,000 annually.
Finally, Trudeau is planning to subsidize provincial carbon pricing schemes like Alberta’s looming carbon tax and
Ontario’s cap-and-trade scheme with federal tax dollars, as part of his program to set up a national carbon pricing
Because fossil fuels are so widely used in our society, carbon pricing raises the cost of almost all goods and services.
Alberta’s carbon tax alone is expected to increase the cost of living for the average household in that province by
$470 annually in 2018.
That will more than eat up Trudeau’s “middle class” tax break for many Albertans, especially if they don’t have
children and therefore don’t qualify for the Liberals’ Canada Child Benefit program.
The same will be true in Ontario and other provinces as they establish their carbon pricing schemes with Trudeau’s
encouragement and contribution of federal tax dollars.
What’s really going on here is the old trick of governments giving us our own money with one hand and then
snatching it away with the other.
What Trudeau gives in tax cuts, the provinces will take away in carbon pricing, not only with Trudeau’s blessing but
with his financial help, using our tax dollars.
And as we all know, there is only one taxpayer — us.



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