Trudeau’s right to push for pipelines

Here at the Canadian Values Party, we are not saying that Mr. Trudeau is doing everthing wrong, as a promise to all Canadians, we will not hesitate to say when we agree with another party.

All anyone has to do to understand the importance of oil and gas pipelines to Canada’s economy is look at a map.

A huge portion of our oil and natural gas resources are landlocked in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Without pipelines, there is no efficient way to get those resources to domestic and international markets.

Oilsands oil already sells at a discount, in part because of Canada’s lack of pipeline capacity.

That’s why if reports are accurate that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now convinced of the economic value to the Canadian economy of the TransCanada Energy East pipeline and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, it’s good news.

We urge the prime minister to get on

with the job.

We are worried that, according to John Ivison’s report in the National Post, it took Finance Minister Bill Morneau and other ministers to finally convince Trudeau of the importance of these oil pipelines to Canada’s economic growth.

That ought to have been self-evident to any PM.

That said, if Trudeau is now prepared to push for making Energy East and the Trans Mountain expansion a reality, then it’s a big step forward from his previous position that it wasn’t his job to serve as a cheerleader for Energy East.

In fact, Canadians didn’t elect Trudeau as their prime minister simply to have him referee contests between competing special interests for and against pipelines, with the result that nothing ever gets built.

They elected him to lead, to ensure pipeline construction is done in an environmentally responsible way and to create the conditions that allow the private sector to grow the economy and provide more jobs.

With Alberta reeling from the global crash in oil prices, it’s particularly important that the federal government not work against Alberta, where NDP Premier Rachel Notley is also actively campaigning for pipeline construction, because of how important it is to Alberta’s economy.

In the past, Liberal and NDP politicians across Canada often attacked the efforts of the Stephen Harper Conservative government to build pipelines.

Going forward, this should no longer be a partisan issue.
All parties should be acting now in the interests of what’s best for the Canadian economy.
And pipelines are a part of that reality.



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