Hypocrisy is WRONG… Mr. Trudeau

So, as it turns out, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was for the previous Conservative government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program before he was against it.

This was back when he was a Liberal MP, before he became party leader and publicly attacked it.

Interestingly, this came to light only after an Access to Information request by the National Post’s John Ivison, on whether Trudeau and his wife had ever started the process to hire a temporary foreign worker as a nanny, was rejected on privacy grounds.

But the Prime Minister’s Office, apparently sensing it was better to get out in front of the story rather than wait for it to explode, subsequently confirmed to Ivison that the Trudeaus had in fact applied twice under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program for nannies for their children.

One nanny was hired and employed in that position prior to Trudeau becoming federal Liberal leader.

The Trudeaus also applied a second time, but later withdrew the application.

Here’s what Trudeau said in a May 6, 2014, Toronto Star column, after he became Liberal leader, criticizing the then-Conservative government’s handling of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program he had previously used: “Since taking office, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have transformed the Temporary Foreign Worker Program — which was originally designed to bring in temporary workers on a limited basis when no Canadian could be found — into one that has brought in a large pool of vulnerable workers.”

Of course, that means Trudeau took advantage of the program despite knowing full well he could have found nannies who were Canadian citizens.

After all, the two publicly funded nannies that are now on the Trudeaus’ payroll are both Canadian citizens.

Again, in his May, 2014 column, Trudeau accused Harper of refusing to fix the program, “despite repeated warnings from the Liberal Party and from Canadians across the country about its impact on middle-class Canadians: it drives down wages and displaces Canadian workers.”

Apparently though, bringing vulnerable workers into Canada, driving down middle-class wages and displacing Canadian workers didn’t bother Trudeau when he was a Liberal MP.

So, either Trudeau had a sincere conversion on the road to Damascus, or he was a hypocrite.



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