No Shocker that Elbows are free

1Of course Mr. Trudeau didn’t receive any sort of punishment for his illegal behaviour, known as “elbow-Gate”. What did anyone expect? The votes to punish him were majority cast by Liberals. The police are the ones who should have been making that call and then a judge. That’s what would have happened to anyone else in the general public; after they were fired by their boss.

As a third-party MP in 2011, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau called then environment minister Peter Kent “a piece of shit” during a House session, and now as prime minister last week, he was involved in this “manhandling” of Conservative Whip Gord Brown and the accidental elbowing of NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Mr. Trudeau also apparently told people to “get the fuck out of the way.”

Suffice it to say, this is no way for an MP, never mind the prime minster, to behave in Parliament.

Opposition MPs are talking about a formal censure of the prime minister, but that will never EVER happen.


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