How to get the Gov’t go give you money$$$

If you work for the Canadian Government in a high enough profile position, getting all the money you want is easy. All you need to do is calculate the amount of money that you want, then multiply that amount by 2.3. Once you have your new number (let’s say you wanted $100K) you just find any kind of justification you can to fill pages of reasons for the money and ask for $230,000.

Now, here is the happy feelings part… the other parts of the Government that are in charge of approving your money will of course say “no, you want to much”. They looked at your reasons for the money and just can’t justify it, so they decide to cut your request in half and only give you $115K. Well don’t they feel good about themselves now. At the beginning of the day, they were looking at a Gov’t expense of $230K and now feel that they have just saved the Canadian people $115K. If you were the one requesting the money, you are now up $15,000 more than you actually wanted and everyone goes home happy…. except for the tax payers.

House committees wanted $1.5-million budget boost to travel more, BOIE approves $800,000

The Commons Board of Internal Economy only agreed to just over half the $1.5-million ask.



The Canadian Values Party wants to put a STOP to this kind of wastage of YOUR money.


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