Everyone loves FREE money

Sure the new Canada Child Benefit is great if you have children, who doesn’t love free money? But is it really free. Mr. Trudeau and his Liberals are giving parents money now but are actually taking away from our children’s futures.

What they are not saying in the news or in any press at all is that even if you are making ¼ Million dollars a year or more in income, you can still get money from the Canada Child Benefit plan. Check for yourself. Click Here and then just click up the amount of children at watch the free money flow.

All of this “easy money” is only putting our country into more debt, by hundreds of millions. Liberals, whether it’s the Ontario Provincial Party or the Federal Party just love to spend your money with no thought for the future.

The Canadian Values Party proposes a different approach. We believe in investing in our children’s future, not destroying it with endless debt. We propose that after a certain amount of income, no matter how many children you have chosen to have, you do not qualify for any version of a Canada Child Benefit. Sorry, but if your income is very high, we feel that you can easily afford your children without burdening the Canadian tax payers.

What we also propose is that the amount be lowered, but a portion of the amount that is removed goes into a Gov’t sponsored education fund. The numbers will need to be crunched, but a vague proposal would be that a percentage be put aside for secondary education. If after high school and after 2 years, the child does not attend a secondary education, then the money goes back into the general pot, otherwise the full amount can be used for tuition and books until the amount set aside is used up.

The rich can afford to send their children to a higher education, but how are the lower income Canadians ever supposed to get out from under and improve their status? We feel that our plan will greatly help all Canadians, especially the ones who make less income.

Once again, the CVP believes in investing in our children’s future, not fill them with debt.


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