Was Trudeau’s leadership MIA during terror scare?

This article says, “Trudeau’s leadership MIA during terror scare”. We are not sure that we agree with the author andrew@andrewlawton.ca (@andrewlawton) on this.

Normally we are all over anything that the PM does wrong (and there is plenty of that), but we would like to know what Canadians think. Do Canadians want the PM to get involved every time that there is a terrorist threat? Of course there are plenty of times that the PM needs to be out front.

One of the items on our terrorist list of to-do’s is we would like to see an end of publishing the name(s) of anyone terrorist related. We see no need to give them one ounce of news. Sure, report on the event, but the name of the people involved in the plot need not be part of the news, it only encourages others to want their name in the media. Opinions?


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