We WILL End Federal Managers Bonuses

Are you kidding me???? In what universe should a Federal Employee (manager) get a bonus because they were doing their job? Obviously, that universe is anywhere where the Conservatives and the Liberals are running this country.

Yes, this happened under the watchful eyes of our shirtless Prime Minister, but this kind of squandering of your tax dollars also took place under the last Government ran by the Conservative Party.

Finally we get to the root of why the Phoenix system was brought in and caused such a nightmare for so many people.

One of the first thing we will do if we are elected to run this great country is to put an end to performance bonuses. It’s simple… do your job well and you get to keep it, mess up and kiss your high paying job with all of it’s benefits goodbye. There are a lot of highly qualified people that would love to make well over $100,000 in pay and do the managers jobs, there is no need to give performance bonuses. And if the managers want to scream about it, how would they feel about performance deductions when things don’t go well? Ya, we didn’t think so.

Read this article about how the Liberal Party messed up, once again.



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