Bureaucrats to pay back part of Paris meal tab

The whole SENATE scandal taught them nothing!!!

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Who the heck was approving these claims? They need to be fired and if it was Mr. Trudeau, then fire him!!!

Why should it take a newspaper going through the freedom of information act to find out that more of our tax dollars were squandered? It’s not only because the Liberals are entitled to the entitlements (so they feel), but also the opposition party whose job it is to keep the Gov’t accountable isn’t doing their job because they are no better.

And why are they only paying back “part of their meals”? They went off the rails and need to be punished so that no one does this again. But that won’t happen until Canada gets involved in who they elect. They aren’t sorry that they did this, only sorry that they got caught.


Two top government bureaucrats will repay part of their tabs for food and other incidentals while in Paris, a result of a Sun investigation into the $1 million spent by the Justin Trudeau government to send 155 delegates to the climate change conference known as COP21.

The Sun investigation has also forced bureaucrats to revise figures in documents previously released under federal access-to-information laws and those tabled in the House of Commons. Providing inaccurate information to Parliament is a big deal and the opposition is likely to give Environment Minister Catherine McKenna a tough time when the House of Commons returns Sept. 19.

“It’s looking more and more like government officials are trying to whitewash the expenses for this Paris trip,” said Conservative environment critic MP Ed Fast.

Caitlin Workman, a spokesperson for McKenna, said Parliament was told the listed costs were preliminary and not final.

In any event, the revisions mean two bureaucrats will be cutting cheques.

Max Guenette, who was a director general for communications with Environment Canada during the conference and is now an assistant commissioner for Canada Revenue Agency, filed a claim for meals and incidentals of $4,599.40 for the 16 days he was in Paris.

After the Sun published those numbers, the department took a second look at his claim and now Guenette will repay $1,340.88.

Additionally, David Grimes, the assistant deputy minister in charge of Canada’s weather service, will repay $951.41. He had claimed $3,266.55 for meals and incidentals during his 14-day stay.

Bureaucrats at the conference were entitled to claim about $230 a day for food and $50 a day for “incidentals” and they needed no receipts to do so.

The preliminary figures provided to Parliament — which are now being revised after the Sun’s investigation — showed that 27 Environment Canada employees were paid nearly $80,000 for meals and incidentals at the two-week conference.

The meal, transportation and hotel tab for that entire delegation was nearly $1 million but that figure will likely change too.



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