Canadian Values

Dear Kellie Leitch,

When you have had enough of the Conservatives fighting you on Canadian Values, we would be pleased to welcome you to our party. Being that our name is the “Canadian Values Party”, of course we believe in what you are trying to accomplish. We fail to understand why your own party is fighting you on adding a few extra questions to potential newcomers. Our only guess is that they only care about votes and not Canada as a whole, so they don’t want to upset the votes for the next election.

Maybe the Conservatives have not heard the term… “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”. The political translation of that would be… “Look after what is best for Canada and Canadians will vote for you”.


We invite all Canadians to read the following articles and let us know where you stand.



… Of course Canada should screen potential newcomers for cultural red flags.

There is no room in our society, for instance, for those who practice female genital mutilation or forced marriage.

So why let such individuals in in the first place?

In fact, Canada already rejects potential newcomers who go against the Canadian way of life.

The federal government has all sorts of rules when it comes to eligibility to migrate to Canada.

You cannot be a member of a terrorist organization. You cannot have been complicit in a war crime …





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