Liberals are ignoring the working class

What are Conservative leadership candidates saying about jobs and the economy?

Not much.

The CVP does want to just help the middle class, we want to help ALL CANADIANS.

Remember Justin Trudeau’s up-the-down-escalator TV ad a year ago? Trudeau said he had a plan to kick-start this economy and create jobs. And his Liberals won.

So, where’s the kick start? Where are the jobs?

We don’t know. And no one from the Conservative Party is even asking.

Somebody needs to ask because, in this economy, generations of social progress is unravelling.

Back in 2002, 67% of Canadians considered themselves middle class, according to EKOS Research. By 2014, that had collapsed to 47%. Over the same time, those considering themselves working class or poor had increased from 28% to 43%.

Yes, in our Canada, people who consider themselves working class or poor almost outnumber the middle class.

And why not? Look at the jobs Canadians in their 20s to 40s have stepped into. Part-time, temporary, no benefits, no unions contract, unpredictable shifts – it’s undermining job security, financial stability and retirement saving. It’s a critical problem.

But even though working class and young Canadians are being left behind, their government is focused exclusively on someone else – the middle class.

The Liberals are spending billions on a “middle class tax cut” which gives the maximum benefit to only people with a taxable income between $89,000 and $200,000.

Their budget focused on “help for the middle class” and “growth for the middle class”. Trudeau worries about house affordability for “middle class families.”

The Liberals’ explicit rhetoric continuously, purposefully and without shame excludes working class Canadians from their economic agenda.

Who will speak for the Canadians being left out by the Liberals? The Canadian Values Party will.

Get Involved and lets change Canada for the better.



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