Liberals Withdrawal Their $30 M. Donation To Fort McMurray Fires Victims

Nice, Justin, nice!!!! NOT

Dear Mr. Trudeau, if you really care about Canadians… please go back to your job as a substitute teacher, you are making the lives of everyday Canadians soooo much worse.


Justin Trudeau is a maverick politician for the liberals and minorities, but he doesn’t care about Alberta, it’s clear.

Wildfire in the Fort McMurray area have burned down nearly 2000 buildings, many of which were homes. 88,000 people have been evacuated from the region making it the single largest exercise in the provincial history.

The Liberal government has matched Red Cross donations to the tune of $30 million, but just a few months later introduced the anti-dumping tax on drywall is making the construction projects and rebuilding of Fort McMurray more expensive. Customers are staring down the barrel as they have to meet the 200% increased tax on the dry wall.


Liberal government in its latest move on the request from the CertainTeed Gypsum Canada Inc has imposed an anti-dumping tax. It is adversely affecting the homeowners who have just lost their homes in the wildfire.

Although Justin Trudeau is in a state of amnesia, the Canadian Red Cross organization has collected about 30 million dollars through the efforts of the individual donations. Conrad Sauvé who is also the president of Canadian Red Cross informed that about 14,000 were registered with the organization for advanced help.

Dry wall is a big part of construction to homes around Alberta, this new tax on dry wall will cost Fort McMurray all the money the Feds have donated in tax form, Trudeau is making a large transaction from this, Fort McMurray has not been exempt from this tax even though 1000’s of homes must be rebuilt.

It’s a bold and brave move that the Liberal government allows this tax to be in place and not at least have Fort McMurray exempt for it, there hasn’t been a single word said from government officials about it, it’s a slap in the back for many.

They always find a way, all donations made be taken back by imposing new taxes, this one is unique as it directly affects Fort McMurray victims.

The $30 million is the amount donated, later reports say $44 million was donated by the government, the dry wall tax and other imposed taxes on Albertans will be much higher over the coming years.



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