Prime minister, it’s time to get moving on that agenda

It is time for the prime minister and his colleagues to set priorities and start the implementation part of the agenda.

In the July 18 issue of The Hill Times, Abbas Rana and Derek Abma wrote about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s agenda calling it “more ambitious and activist than any seen from a prime minister in some time.” It is admirable to have an ambitious public policy agenda and it is equally important for Canadians to see that they elected a government with ideas. But is also a requirement of government to get those ideas and that agenda off the drawing board and implemented.

So far, the Trudeau government, has been OK at consulting on matters contained in the agenda, but not so much on action or implementation of it. It was interesting to hear the prime minister at the Calgary Stampede with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, when questioned about lack of progress on pipelines, revert to the usual refrain that the Conservatives got nothing done in 10 years so it is disingenuous to question lack of progress after only nine months in office. And then he stated that his government is building public trust and is “engaged in an adult way.” This rhetoric may carry Trudeau through another year, but not much beyond that.


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