Justin Trudeau defends Maryam Monsef

Let’s be clear about the CVP’s position on Maryam Monsef . As long as it’s discovered that she is telling the truth and there is no deception, we have no problem with her and have no wish for her to be deported. What we do have a problem with is the fact that hundreds of people in her exact position have been (and were in the process of, until this all started up) being kicked out of Canada by a cold heartless system. Now that the rules apply to one of their own, the Liberals, especially Justin, now find that those rules shouldn’t always apply.

The Canadian Values Party wants a fair Canada, not just one that serves the needs and wants of the selected few.


People who are criticizing the federal minister of democratic institutions in a flap over her country of birth are playing political games, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday.

Maryam Monsef said in September she had recently found out she was born in Iran and not in Afghanistan as her mother had always told her.

That prompted some people, including Conservative MP Tony Clement, to say she should step down from her position pending an inquiry into her citizenship application.

But Trudeau said people shouldn’t be mixing Monsef’s story with those of people who have lied to get into the country.

“People are mixing very different situations for political reasons,” he told reporters.

Trudeau said that sometimes when people are fleeing war — as in Monsef’s case — “there is not always perfect clarity on which side of the border one is born.”

People should not mix those cases with “very deliberate acts of omission or dishonesty in trying to get Canadian citizenship through fraudulent declarations or attestations,” Trudeau said.

Certain refugee-rights groups have said the federal government has revoked the citizenship of some people who are in a position similar to Monsef’s.



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