Justin’s sunny days are over

Justin Trudeau’s video greeting was booed so lustily by the Grey Cup crowd, you couldn’t hear what he said.


Reading the prime minister’s pouty lips, I think I picked up, “Look at me, ain’t I handsome?” But maybe that was just his eyes talking.

Anyway, if the feds had called a snap election at BMO Field, Justin soon would be a ski bum at Whistler again.

Kiss the honeymoon goodbye, kid.

Oh, the hangover. This country was wooed, smitten and seduced. Canada’s Casanova could do no wrong. He pranced, danced, preened, tossed his bangs and touched his heart. His approval ratings soared above 60%. The nation sighed and batted its eyes.

It was always thus, in romance as in politics. Every woman has been there, so I’m told. Good-looking dude in a skinny suit hits on her in a hip bar, coos all the right things in her ear, wines, dines and beds her — and next morning he’s gone and so is her purse.

Luckily, she, I mean the country, has recovered from the swoon. Catcalls rain down. That’s the thing about political Don Juans. Sooner or later, we get wise.

It happened to Justin’s dad. Trudeaumania of 1968 rapidly faded and Pierre nearly lost the 1972 election. As every Canadian schoolboy knows, Trudeau the Elder bounced back — but I do not think Junior has the chops, the staying power or the brains.

The past week has washed out his honeymoon. Weather update: Sunny ways with a 100% chance of rain.

First, Bob Fife, a former Sun hand now at the Globe, caught the prime minister in a cash-for-access caper, with Chinese billionaires, that would make even Hillary Clinton blush.

Then the PM waxed lovingly about Cuban strongman Fidel Castro, who died.

“Deep sorrow,” “legendary,” “larger than life leader,” “tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people,” “deep and lasting affection,” and other gushing epitaphs not usually written for a brutal dictator by the leader of a free country.

“On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

To which many of you responded: On behalf of all Canadians, my constitutional monarchy ass.

Thousands said so at the Grey Cup.

Meanwhile, Stephen Harper, the guy Justin beat, our polarizing former PM, strolled into an Ottawa Redblacks victory party and was cheered and patted on the back. And he’s from Calgary, home of the rival Stampeders, for crying out loud. Could this be the start of another comeback?

Politics is a fickle b—-. Eh, Justin?



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