Trudeau Liberals risk contempt of Parliament

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Trudeau Liberals risk contempt of Parliament to hide true cost of carbon tax


How much will the carbon tax cost you? Your family? The company you work for? The Canadian economy? The truth is, we don’t know. But the Liberals do.

The Trudeau Liberals are being tight lipped about their plans for putting a national price on carbon dioxide emissions, in place.

We know that government’s don’t put policy in place without some bureaucrat somewhere doing an analysis of the impact of the proposed measures, but when it comes to sharing that information publicly, Trudeau and the Liberals refuse.

So much for the “openness and transparency” mantra they ran on during the election and have repeated ever since.

Watch as I bring you the latest example in their response to a formal request through Parliament for a detailed analysis of the carbon tax plan.

The Liberals responded with talking points even though the Order Paper Question that was put to them in a tradition that dates back 150 years, is supposed to elicit a formal written response from the government that does not contain spin.

Last Friday, just before going into his meeting with fellow premiers and the PM, Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall tweeted out documents obtained by and reported on by the media outlet Blacklock’s report.

The documents were heavily redacted but did say:

“The tax would cascade through the economy and prices would increase for most goods that make intensive use of carbon-based energy.”

Those are words, this government doesn’t want you to hear and news they want to hide.

There’s no question you are going to get taxed more. Trudeau and his Liberals are willing to say that much, but are refusing to tell Parliament the impact of that tax or provide the analysis of the tax even though the analysis exists and has been done.

This refusal could find them in contempt of Parliament after MP Polievre raised a point of privilege on the matter Monday. Being found in contempt of Parliament is serious business.

Justin Trudeau promised openness and transparency but he’s not delivering.

Instead he is hiding key information from Parliament and from Canadians on how much this carbon dioxide tax and pricing scheme will cost us.

All we are allowed to know for sure is that we get to pay and then pay again and pay some more for his brilliant schemes.



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