$1 Billion in wasted money for Gov’t Websites

Hearing this frustrates us to no end. Under a CVP Gov’t we will ALWAYS have EVERY contract written up in a way that will ensure deadlines are met and any extra costs are not the Government’s problem. Cost overruns will be the problem and expense of the company that bids on the project.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Every contract we hear of that has to do with the Conservatives or the Liberals always ends up costing the tax payer millions and millions more than was planned… or was it planned that way? We have a sneaky suspicion that no one can be that naïve/stupid and that these contracts are purposely written to let the winning companies pad the contracts after they start just to line the pocket of political friends. If we are voted in in the future, we will look into this and if proven, jail sentences will be handed out for everyone involved, not just the scapegoats.


The Liberals are sitting on a project that could balloon into a billion dollar boondoggle. They need to nip this in the bud before it flourishes. And fast.


A project to redesign government websites is already massively over budget and over its original timeline.

The project was first approved by the Conservatives in 2013. They awarded a $1.54 million contract to tech company Adobe to merge the government’s 1,500 different websites under a common Canada.ca banner.

A government spokesperson recently told the Sun they anticipated having to issue more contracts to finish the job. And the project costs have already ballooned to just under $10 million.

Here’s the big problem though. One expert close to the story estimates just 0.5% of the work on the project has been done. The deadline’s been pushed back to the end of 2017 but it appears unlikely it will be finished by then.

A number of experts agree final project costs could easily reach one billion dollars. Yup, that’s right. A relatively minor web project that started with a million dollar budget could end up growing into a billion dollar nightmare.

It’s outrageous. Projects like this need to be balance public service and respect for taxpayers. Neither appears to be a priority here.

The government’s current patchwork network of websites probably should be rationalized, but surely not at the cost of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, or even in the worst case, a billion dollars.

It makes make more sense to fix individual access problems or issues on a site by site basis and gradually migrate to a common government domain and website.

The Liberals are usually more than happy to abandon Conservatives endeavours. Yet so far they seem to be running with this project. Government spokespeople are defending it. That makes it their baby, and they’re now very much responsible whatever happens from here on.

The warnings are out there. But it’s hardly too late to act. The Liberals need to get this project under control and either halt work on a looming disaster, figure out an practical and responsible alternative or go back to the drawing board.



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