Canada to admit 340,000 immigrants a year by 2020

Sure, we need the economic growth from immigration, but there needs to be rules and safety and proper selection.

What’s really going on is the Liberals are letting in all that they can and when these new Canadians vote, they only know 1 party… the one that let them live here using our tax dollars to support them. This is the Liberal way of padding future elections with voters that don’t know any better.

Immigration scandal

The federal government sought Wednesday to introduce more stability into Canada’s immigration system by introducing a plan that sets out a gradual rise in admissions over the next three years.

By 2020, Canada will see an increase of 13 per cent in overall immigration numbers, with the vast majority coming under economic programs designed to address skills shortages and gaps in the labour market as the population ages and the birth rate declines.

At 340,000 people, the increase by 2020 represents the highest intake since before the First World War…

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