Extra Christmas days off…What????

Don’t you just wish that you and your co-workers could gather around in some extra comfy chairs and vote if you could start your Christmas vacation a few days early? Then if the vote passes, that’s what you do.

Well, that what the Liberal government just did. Ahem, don’t they work for you and all Canadians? I don’t remember Canadians letting them take an extra 2 days paid vacation this holiday season.

You may be a fan of Justin Trudeau or you may not be, but either way, if there is a way for him to screw up or waste your money, he’s finding it.

If you want a responsible Gov’t that works it’s tail off for you and all Canadians, contact the CVP: Values@CanadianValuesParty.ca and ask us how you can help with as little as one hour of your time a month. That’s a lot less time than you probably spend in a Tim Horton’s drive through per week.


The House of Commons has adjourned two days ahead of schedule, leaving a number of major bills in limbo.

Wednesday afternoon Government House Leader Bardish Chagger got the unanimous consent needed for an adjournment motion, allowing MPs to break for the holidays.

MPs were scheduled to sit until Friday, but it’s common ahead of a long break that all sides will agree to rise early.

Their departure from Parliament Hill means that other than what the Senate is able to pass before it rises, legislation is left at a standstill until the House resumes. The Senate is set to adjourn Dec. 22, though it could very likely happen earlier…



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