Patrick Brown destroyed in minutes

Where is due process?

Christie Blatchford: What happened to Brown is fundamentally wrong. Every man in the world is now vulnerable

If guilty, then be punished, not .08 seconds after being accused. What kind of society do want to live in anyway? People judge others faster than the speed of the internet and when that judgement destroys a life, it is wrong. In politics, all it takes is a well places rumour to destroy someone, what an easy way to destroy an opponent if you are so inclined. When 2 anonymous people come out and accuse a politician of sexual misbehaviour and it destroys a career before due process can even begin, or even before the police have even received a complaint… things have gone too far.


The Canadian Values Party believes that accusations of this nature, must do 2 things to protect all sides:

  1. Ensure the accusers are safe from any further possible harm.
  2. No information is to be leaked and/or distributed until the end of any possible trial.


Imagine if it was you being accused of something that cost you your job and possibly your marriage and everything you  hold dear, within hours of the accusations, knowing that what was being said was completely false. How would you feel? How would that affect you and the rest of your life; your friends, your family, in this case ALL OF ONTARIO. Now 10x those problems as a politician where your reputation is EVERYTHING. What if you are a school teacher, as was the case several years back, where one teacher lost his job when 3 girls accused him of some pretty bad things (sexual in nature). Well, 3 accusers can’t be wrong, can they? He lost his job, his wife & everything else he had. It wasn’t until one of the girls, while on the stand, finally admitted that they all made it up because they didn’t like their grades. He was not even able to return to his old job after the trial.

Imagine if that young girl who claimed that someone took a pair of scissors to her hijab had of named a specific assailant, another life possibly destroyed based on lies, long before a trial could even be set. Even Justin Trudeau jumped on-board condemning an act that never actually even took place.

We named our party, the Canadian Values Party, because we truly believe that Canadians are the kind of people that can put themselves in someone else’s shoes. If you feel that it’s ok to destroy someone’s life before they have a chance to properly defend themselves, speak up, we want to hear from you, if you agree with us, we want to hear from you as well.


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