‘We are not prepared’

‘We are not prepared’: The flaws inside Public Health that hurt Canada’s readiness for COVID-19

When Canada unplugged support for its pandemic alert system last year, it was a symptom of bigger problems inside the Public Health Agency. Experienced scientists were pushed aside, expertise was eroded, and internal warnings went unheeded, which hindered the department’s response to COVID-19

Well that says so much, it’s insane. What’s more insane is that the Federal & Provincial ‘leaders’ care more about votes for the next election than actually doing something to protect everyone.

You heard that when Covid-19 mutated, they stopped all flights from England. Why the hell did they ever start them in the first place? In the middle of a pandemic the borders should be shut down… PERIOD. The mutation of a virus is nothing new.

What are your thoughts?

Coronavirus mutation: UK and South Africa report mutated COVID-19 strain -  YouTube

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