What is wrong with liberals?

We get it. The Liberals have been around for a very long time and for the most part have been a very respectful party. Most voted for them because the alternative was insane. Things have changed. Our present Prime Minister’s resume basically had 2 thing on it… A) Part time school teacher & B) Bouncer… Oh and P.E. Trudeau’s son.

Our PM 😦

Now we have a Liberal minister who somehow get off flashing coworkers at work, twice now. Have you heard anything from Justin about this? No you haven’t. Eventually if the pressure gets high enough, he will speak on it. Fools me once…. (you know the rest).

A Liberal MP who was caught naked on a House of Commons video conference feed in April has now urinated while on camera, which he says was “accidental.”

In a statement, William Amos, who represents the riding of Pontiac, Que., said he “urinated without realizing” he was on camera during virtual House of Commons proceedings on Wednesday.


What more do you need to see, to decide enough is enough.Let us know by commenting.

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