Extra Christmas days off…What????

Don’t you just wish that you and your co-workers could gather around in some extra comfy chairs and vote if you could start your Christmas vacation a few days early? Then if the vote passes, that’s what you do. Well, that what the Liberal government just did. Ahem, don’t they work for you and all…

Fixing Phoenix pay system could cost $1B

Video & Reference & More Liberal waste So, they planned on saving $50M and now they are well over $300M. When is enough? Apparently NEVER. Enough is enough Canada. If you care, contact us on how you can help with as little as 15 minutes a week of your time. =============================== The minister responsible for…

Trudeau’s people named in Paradise Papers

Just to give you a little perspective: If the people making the rules say that they are not breaking the laws, it’s still NOT OK. Canadians may or may not know or may not have wondered why there is such thing as a loophole. I mean, why would you need to get someone to do…

One year after Phoenix fiasco

Oh, and don’t forget, the Liberal government paid the managers in charge of Phoenix tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses. Should Canada vote the CVP into power, we will eliminate bonuses for all Government employees. Being employed with a good secure job needs to be bonus enough, not when you screw up as well….

Good enough for minions but not for the senate.

Holy poop. Did you know: Feds rewarded executives behind failed Phoenix pay system with $4.8M in bonuses =========== Senate pulling out of Phoenix pay system, citing ‘unnecessary delays and errors’ The Senate has confirmed it is dumping the beleaguered Phoenix payroll systemafter 18 months of struggles to ensure its employees are paid properly and on time….